Arri Amira

This is a new addition to our camera store and already a big hit, work is growing for it and we love it!

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Sony PDW

Kit Gurus

The London Camera Company was established around people, crew with great reputations and a passion for kit. We’ve maintained that philosophy and we believe it reflects in our kit.

We won’t ever send out a kit that isn’t fully spec’d for your needs and you’ll always have a friendly voice at the end of the phone if you need us. We don’t fill our HQ with hundreds of admin staff and overpaid managers, so the money can be invested into quality kit and giving you the best rates available. We think we offer a boutique and friendly service, give us a shout and see what you think!


Jon is one of the founding members of LCC, with an unrivalled passion for kit. His kit obsessions started after buying his first digibeta kit after leaving his staff position at one of London’s leading facilities companies in 2004. Good kit makes him proud. He believes, we shouldn’t supply anyone with kit that he wouldn’t be happy to shoot with. He has very high standards! Jon’s dog Shadow can often be found wandering around the kitroom when Jon’s not on a shoot.


Tim is a sound enthusiast. There isn’t a sound forum on the web that Tim doesn’t search for the newest kit, advances in technology and solutions to problems. So we know about it before you do. Still recording sound on a daily basis, often found swooning over the nearest coffee machine.


Rob is the friendly voice you will often hear at the end of the LCC phone! Rob holds the fort and keeps the boys in line making sure you get what you need and when you need it!


Charlie is our staff Soundman. He’s trained by the best to work with the best! Charlie had a passion for sound before he started at LCC, we’ve helped nurture that passion and train him up to be a team player. He records sound on PSC shoots, works wirelessly and is fully prepped in all sound kit! He is happy to help out on every level on location with a knowledge of camera kit, he isn’t shy about carrying the tripod when there is no sound to record!


Nick is one of our amazing staff jnr soundmen. He has been trained to our high levels and is always on stand by to lend a hand. When not recording sound, Nick is often found prepping some fantastic dry hire sound kit!


Toby is the latest addition to the LCC family and a rather fantastic one at that.   Toby studied at Portsmouth Uni; and believes preparation is the key to achieve above and beyond shoot expectations! A philosophy we agree with.  He can be found at the sound shelf or on a job mixing sound.