Arri Amira

This camera has become a real work horse for hight end TV productions. Ours can often be seen on cooking shows or higher end documentaries.

Sony PDW

Kit Room

In the playroom that is our equipment room, we’re lucky enough to have an extensive range of the latest equipment in our hire stock. If we don’t stock it, give us a shout and we can get it in for your shoot!

We are sometimes a bit slow to update this page; so chances are if you want a new piece of kit; we may have it and not have it listed here yet!

Call us to chat about any of your kit needs, advice on work-flow management, lighting, sound or cameras.

Camera Room

Alexa Mini

We originally used this camera for gimbal work etc but now it’s become a work horse for lots of our DOPs

Arri Amira

This camera has become a real work horse for hight end TV productions. Ours can often be seen on cooking shows or higher end documentaries.

Sony F5

This is one of our most popular cameras at the moment. Give us a call to chat about it, we can supply it with our Canon Cn7 lens or a B4 adaptor to use it with our HJ14 lenses etc. Our F5 cameras come with the 4k upgrade as standard!

Sony FS7

We’ve bought a few of these over the past few years; and they’re great.  Our DV director friends love them and we can supply some of our Canon glass to go with them.  Along with audio kit, we can really put together a tasty package for all your needs!

Sony PDW-F800

We still have a few F800 Cameras; and they’re still proving popular with certain production companies.  This coupled with one of our HJ14; still proves to be a solid combo for observational work.

Sony PMW-200

A recent addition to the camera room in the late summer 2012. This camera is Sony’s addition to the 50mbs smaller fixed lens market. Some consider it a replacement to the EX1. It records HD 422 at 50mbs onto SxS cards and initial tests are proving that some lovely pictures come out of it. The coming weeks we will see if it becomes a replacement to the Canon XF305…

Canon C300

Little needs to be said about this camera, we love it and our DOPs love it. A really popular camera from Canon. Filling the market opened up by 5d mkii video, this super 35mm-size CMOS sensor camera enables us to shoot at 50mbs and still create the shallow depth of field and filmic look that lots of productions are after. Come in and have a play, or if you want to shoot a test day, give us a call and we can sort you out!

Sony A7s ii

Works well on gimbals and small sliders.  A lovely little camera!


Call us to chat through your glass needs.  We have an array of Canon EF glass, along with lenses such as the Canon CN7 17-120 Lens, the 18-80 Servo lens and primes. Just call for a chat

Grip Shelves

DJI Ronin-S

Very well known Stabiliser from the tech giants at DJI

DJI Ronin-M

Very well known Stabiliser from the tech giants at DJI

Wally Dolly

The industry standard light weight tracking system for full size cameras! Comes with 8 sections of straight tracks! Our founding cameraman, Jon has been using his wally dolly for over ten years! “The wally dolly is so quick to set up, and adds so much in a variety of situations. I love mine!”. LCC have the newest models of Wally Dolly available on our shelves!

Cine Slider 4ft

This slider can’t stay on the shelf!  Made to take a fully loaded Camera, such as an F5 or Amira.


Many of our productions we are involved with ask for the Polecam.  Versatile and often very under rated!

Miller Mini Jib

Another favourite with many of our freelancers. This jib when hired with our Ronford legs will take a full size camera, or we have even used it recently with smaller 5d and Epic cameras!

Edelkrone XL+ Slider

This is a fab slider. Sliders have become more and more popular, particualrly in the DSLR market. We have this slider in stock because of its ingenious design. Short and compact and yet it provides longer tracking shots than it is physically long! Confused? You need to see it to believe it!

Lighting Mezzanine

We don’t claim to be a lighting company, but we do have all the lighting for our psc shoots. If its a large lighting rig you need with our camera kits, we have a great relationship with a leading lighting company. Give us a call. We carry lots of the following lighting and we can make sure you have what you need:

  • KinoFlo 400 Diva Lights
  • Select Kinflo LED lighting
  • 4×4 Kinoflow Lights
  • 1.2 & 2.5 HMI Lighting
  • Velvet LED Lighting
  • Fomex Flex LED panels
  • Kinoflo Select Lights
  • 2k Arri Blondes & 1k Arri Pups.
  • 800w Redheads, 650w Arri, Dedo lights, 150w Arri etc etc

Call us with your lighting requirements, we would love to chat you through your options!

Location Audio

At LCC we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of all audio kit developments. These days location sound acquisition is changing and evolving at a very fast pace, and there are many ways to record sound on set. Whether you want a simple 2 channel feed to camera, or a multi-track, multiple wireless mic solution, we can spec out the kit you need, and make sure you get into post with the best possible audio. Currently, our inventory includes:

  • Sound Devices 788T multi-track hard drive recorders
  • CL-8 and CL-9 control surfaces for the 788T
  • Sound Devices 664 location mixer and multi-track recorder
  • Wisycom radio microphone systems.
  • Sennheiser MKH-416 shotgun microphones
  • K-Tek and Panamic boom poles
  • Denecke timecode equipment, including digi slates and sync boxes
  • Tentacle Sync Boxes
  • Time Code Buddy Systems